capaldi is love, capaldi is life.
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And we quite like you for that.

Yep, “Just Peter ” is so much more than enough

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Peter’s first read through.


i’m cry

so very proud of him

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I’ve come to the conclusion that Peter Capaldi is like a Pokemon. Hear me out.

Your first stage is rife with potential. More cute than powerful, but you know that with the right training and enough perseverance, they can grow into something powerful. Some day…


The second stage, your intermediate stage, is a coin toss. Sometimes super cool, sometimes a bit awkward, but it’s a vital era. Tends to maintain a bit of the cute from the first stage, but is shaping into a more refined design. Quite good at this step, but there’s still untapped potential…


Then you get to your third and final stage, where all that time and effort has culminated into something great. Maybe it took longer than expected, but it’s paid off in spades. Typically has reached a certain apex of design refinement while still maintaining the charm of that starter from so long ago.


…So going by this logic, that would make the Doctor his Mega Evolution.


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Unlucky in love? Introducing… Romantic Time Traveller Boyfriend XD Plus - the ultimate Doctor Who Dating Simulator! Why struggle being the person no one wants to date when you could be 13 people?!

Officially my favorite thing I’ve seen today. I want to go on a date with Super Sweary Handsome Eyebrows Boyfriend!!

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Matt Smith was my gateway Doctor and my first and I loved him because he was my first, but Peter Capaldi just FEELS like my ideal Doctor. He’s just so perfect. He’s already my absolute favorite, right above Four and Eleven in my top three. I think I have a thing for the ascended fanboys. (Must be why I like Moffat so much. He runs the two fandoms he’s loved since childhood.) 

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I’m celebrating Series 8 by having a Capaldi marathon and rewatching all my favorite non-Who roles he’s played: Malcolm Tucker, the Angel Islington, the cute archaeologist in Lair of the White Worm… just to name a few, of course!

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the fact that capaldi and moffat are are just two scottish nerds in their 50’s living their childhood dreams will never stop being endearing to me

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yep. i’m already in love with the twelfth doctor

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I’m so excited for Peter Capaldi I’m gonna cry

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Sexual orientation: Attack eyebrows!

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when you’re talking about Doctor Who with a non-whovian friend


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The clock is striking twelve…

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Peter Capaldi on creating the new Doctor 

Peter Capaldi: actually the Doctor in real life

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omfg Malcolm and Ollie together in SPAAAAACE

I don’t want to wait until the finale, I want to see them nooooooooow

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this season is going to be the death of me

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